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Reproduced below is the (e)mail-out for this event.

Southwest Gun Club, Inc.
PO Box 1061
McComb, MS 39649
Cell 601-341-8797

[email protected]

NRA Club # c1149 CMP Club # y35005


What: and International Sport - Centerfire Pistol Match. All shooting is with one hand at targets at 25 yards.

Where: Southwest Gun Club’s McComb Range facility. It is 6 miles East of McComb, MS on US Highway 98. When driving from McComb, drive East on US98 until you see the Homestead turnoff sign. Drive 2 miles further and the entrance to the range is on the North side of the road. If driving from Tylertown, MS, drive past the Bogue Chitto River Park and look for a roadside market on the right. The range road is 2.2 miles past the store. The name of the range road is Edna Drive. It is not easy to find the entrance. Keep a close check on you odometer when passing the roadside sign and market.

When: 6/29/19, signup at 8:30AM shooting starts at 9:00AM.

Women and Junior shooters fire this event in International Competition. Men usually fire this course of fire with center-fire handguns and it is called the Center-fire Pistol Event. This will be a .22 rf Pistol Event but men may use Centerfire Pistols in this event if desired.


Any .22 Long Rifle or Centerfire Pistol or Revolver legal for use in NRA Pistol Matches, may be used in this match. Iron sights only. No hyper-velocity or tracer ammo allowed. Centerfire pistols must be .32 or larger.

Course of Fire:

Precision Event: All firing done at 25 yards on the B-19 target.

5 sighting shots in 5 minutes

30 shots in three series of 10 shots in 10 minutes

Rapid Fire Event also called the Duello or Duel: All firing done at 25 yards on the B38 target

5 sighting shots in 5 minutes

30 shots in 6 series of 5-shots using this method:

In the Duello: The shooting hand is held at 45 degrees and lifted off the bench, a 7-second period of time will pass and the target is turned toward the shooter for 3 seconds. The shooter has to fire one shot in a 3-second time limit. The pistol is then lowered to 45 degrees but cannot touch the bench. This procedure is repeated until 5 shots are fired. The shooter reloads and the 5 shots are repeated on the same target (until 10 shots are on the target). Scoring is performed and the process repeated until 30 total shots for record is fired.

Ammunition: Any .22 Long Rifle or Centerfire of .32 or larger cartridge that is not a tracer.

Fee: $10.00 for Adults, $5.00 for Juniors.

Ammunition is, $3.00 for Winchester T-22

For additional info, call the Secretary, Doug Bowser 601-341-8797

NOTE: Our club has 5 Ruger Mark III .22 RF target pistols. Club members can use one at the match. Let the Secretary know, if you need to borrow a pistol.
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