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Had the honor of directing this match today, 10/13/18, at SW Gun Club, as Doug was feeling under the weather. Was a small turnout, only 4 of us, but we still had an enjoyable time.

This match, unlike our usual monthly Vintage Military Pistol Match (Bullseye Pistol), is part slowfire precision, part slowfire endurance. The first half of the match is shot on the B19 target at 25 yards. 10 shots in 10 minutes. This stage is shot 3 times with each ten shot string being scored and target centers replaced.

The second half, called the Duello, is shot at 25 yards on the B38(?) target. On the comand of “stand ready” the shooter brings the pistol up off the bench in a low ready position at about 45 degrees. The target starts turned away for seven seconds, then turns toward the shooter for 3 seconds. The shooter must bring the pistol up, acquire the target, and shoot one round in that time, then return to the low ready position without resting the hand or the pistol on the bench. This 7 off 3 on routine is repeated for 5 shots. There is a quick reload and another 5 shots following the same pattern. Each ten shot string is scored and the target centers replaced. The Duello is also shot three times.

Scores for each ten shot string is points out of a 100 with a possible match total of 600 (I shot a 502).

This was my first time shooting this match and first time officiating it as well. While slower paced than our usual Vintage (Bullseye) Match, it was especiallly interesting during the Duello stages. Those Ruger Mk III target pistols get pretty heavy after a little while and maintaining a good sight picture, trigger control, breathing, etc. while your arm is starting to quiver...well it’s a different experience. I enjoyed the match and look forward to shooting it again soon. I also wish that more people found these style matches appealing, because shooting with a bigger group is always more fun. But hey, I’ll take a day at the range over a day pushing the lawn mower every time.
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