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Introducing Soemone New To Fishing

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Hey guys! Love this forum for gun owners, anglers, hunters, etc. I have a question for y'all. My girlfriend is an outdoors-type girl. She enjoys hiking & such, but is not much of an angler. I've been fishing for over 25 years & competing in local bass tournaments for 4 years. Recently, she has expressed some interest in fishing some bass tournaments with me. I have access to a friend's jonboat, so that's not a problem. She doesn't do much fishing, however. I was wanting to get a spincast outfit so we could do some bluegill fishing with live bait to get her used to learning how to hook, fight, & land fish, then gradually introduce her into bass fishing. Is this a good idea? I was just wondering. She already wants to deer hunt with me & shoot in 3-D archery tournaments with me. Any adivce will be helpful. :feedback:
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I appreciate all the advice, folks! I'm making careful notes for y'all's tips. When & if she decides to fish bass tournaments, she'll have to use a rod & reel & artificial lures (club rules). The only baits that don't have to be artificial are prok rind trailers for jigs, spinnebaist, & buzzbaits. Folks, keep the advice coming & tight lines!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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