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IPSC match load/unload sequence - newbie help

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Newbie here....I'm trying to go through the entire shooting of a IPSC run in my mind. Semi-Auto pistol.

What I will do is try to type everything that is going to occur and I want my errors corrected.

1. Step in start Box

2. RO tells me to make ready...Now I'm not totally sure actually on this...Place 11 rd mag in gun and rack it. Stand at low-ready (if newbie) wait on RO commands

3. RO asks me if I understand course of fire

4. I nod yes....(I'm really lying)

5. RO says stand by

6. Buzzer go off

7. I shoot the run...reloading as necessary

8. Several minutes later (LOL) ...RO says time

9. I drop magazine from gun.. (put in pocket? or let it hit the ground?), rack slide and show clear...Show RO no rd in chamber. Pull trigger and re-holster.

10. Pick up mags that I dropped on ground on the way

Sorry for the stupid question...maybe a youtube clip would be good...Yours are too fast Cliff!
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Thanks for the reply Scott...printing it out
No one has to worry about me "hot dogging"...

I hear ya on the AD and getting DQ'd Good tips folks
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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