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Is Mississippi sending any National Guard folks to the Mexican border?

Discussion in 'Press Talk' started by NRA_guy, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Dr. Benway

    Dr. Benway Distinguished Poster

    That's a dramatic oversimplification of how the military works. At the macro level the United States has strategic objectives supported by military capabilities. The capabilities are identified in operations plans and then resourced as needed when the plans turn to orders. The capabilities are spread across the military services in a force balance and include civilian employees and contractors. Within that the capabilities are put into a matrix that centers on sustainable readiness meaning every unit goes through a cycle of training windows and available windows. These capabilities are further nested with plans and operations to ensure capabilities are available and ready when they are needed.

    Further the force balance absolutely has to include the National Guard and Reserves and they absolutely have to participate in overseas operations that support strategic objectives of the United States to ensure the economic and physical security of the country. The reason is the Active component alone does not have all of the capabilities needed and sole reliance on the active component would degrade readiness so to the point they could not accomplish missions.

    Think about it like this, the National Guard and Army Reserve make up about one fourth of the total army strength. The National Guard has 27 of the 58 Brigade Combat Teams (BCT). That means active Army has 31 putting the National Guard at almost half of the Army's combat power. The reason is BCTs are expensive, especially Armored BCTs and to meet the budgetary constraints the Army has no choice to but to use the Guard. Not to mention the aviation brigades, two special forces groups, engineer brigades, specialty units etc.

    So basically the Army ran out of units years ago and fortunately congress had enough sense to create the national guard in it's current for of a capable strategic reserve that had the capacity to shift to an operational force in 1903.

    I don't know any Soldiers in the National Guard that have a US Army tape over their left pocket that feel any differently. Soldiers want to be in relevant and expeditionary force structure and they want to deploy and be Soldiers.

    You have an organized state militia, it's the State Guard and they are always looking for volunteers.
  2. scott511

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    Yeah Doc
    That's what I meant to say. Haha
    Very good explanation

  3. :yeah::yeah::yeah:
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  4. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    If we'd bring our troops home from s___hole countries and countries that disrespect us, we'd have plenty of military personnel right here at home.

    And we could get rid of at least half of the civilians in the armed forces. Trust me. I know.

    Far too much of the military is dedicated to social engineering and "bringing home the bacon" to Senators' and Representatives' home states.
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  5. mascott

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    Yep, and then we can fight the wars over here. Right?
  6. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

  7. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    So how long we been using NG in overseas operations? Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI? When did we actually deem we couldn’t fight with out dragging the NG into the fray? And as far as them wanting to feel important, why not join the full time active duty forces instead of the reserve? I think deploying the NG has just become the norm and accepted by most. Was it what they was intended to be and what they was intended to do, he’ll no.
    State guard nothing to do with this as far as I’m concerned. You also suggested I join? If I wanted to stay in the military I would have never left the Marines . But honestly I got tired of the stupid ass brass running the show with most of their holy than thow BS. Oh yeah there were a couple good ones, just not enough of them that’s for sure.
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  8. bubbat

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    Since the U.S. was establish basically. The National Guard traces it roots back to the militias set up in the Constitution(even further for some states), so most any war fought since the Constitution was adopted.

    19 NG units are credited with fighting in the War of 1812 (The 155th Infantry Mississippi Rifles is one of those)

    70% of the soldiers in the Mexican-American war were militias called up.(Jeff Davis and the Mississippi Rifles)

    Most of the soldiers in the Spanish-American war were NG.

    40% of the soldiers in WWI were national guard.

    They have always used the NG and sent them overseas.
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  9. Dr. Benway

    Dr. Benway Distinguished Poster

    In short, since 1898. Maybe sooner. The Spanish American War in 1898 and Philippine-American War in 1899 is the first over seas fights that involved militia forces from the United States I can think of. Technically these were provisional units since the National Guard did not exist at that time. But the militia and National Guard has fought in every major conflict since the American Revolution. My old battalion had campaign streamers from the War of 1812, Mexican American War, Creek Indian War, Civil War, Spanish American War Philippine Insurrection, WWI, WWII, Bosnia and Iraq. Other units in MS were also in Korea and Vietnam as well as various operations in South America.

    Hell, my grandfather earned his CIB in WWII fighting in the South Pacific with the same battalion I earned mine in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    And another thing I bet you didn't know is the fact that the National Guard is for the most part federally funded. Yep all inactive duty training, Annual Training, exercise rotations, pre-mobilization training etc is federally funded. Very very little funding comes from the state of MS. Same is true for all other 54 states and territories. All of the organization equipment is federally funded, training ammunition, training areas. About the only thing not federally funded is a portion of the the armory expenses and the rare occasions soldiers come on state active duty. And SAD is really just a 1 or 2 day bridge to get to federal dollars since MS can't afford it.

    I'll tell you another thing. Most states cannot afford militias that are actually trained and ready. It costs about 135 million a year just to train Mississippi Soldiers.

    Why don't National Guard soldiers join the regular army? Some do eventually, some come from regular army because they are ready to do something else full time. I'm sure the 333,000 National Guard Soldiers have 333,000 reasons for being in the National Guard. I don't know why you think you have a right to tell anyone how to serve their country, especially all of these veterans that have sacrificed so much. So for that comment you can eat a 10 pound bag of dicks.

    love you, mean it

    PS. I never suggested you join anything. I simply brought up the fact that MS has an organized militia completely funded and operated by the state and that they are short handed.

    The National Guard is a federally funded expeditionary force that is granted to the states in times not activated. The guard has two commanders in chief, the governor and the president. Get over it.
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  10. Quickeye

    Quickeye Member MSGO Supporter

    Don't know about NG's, but know for sure there were reserve units in Vietnam.
  11. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    @Dr. Benway
    First off I never told them how to serve their country or presumed to either. What I did say was if they wanted to fight in combat wouldn’t the regular army have a greater chance for them? I could careless how they serve I’m proud of any that do in whatever capacity. You must be a officer, lol.
    Now go get that dick out your butt and get you some bag balm and butt hurt creme.

    Love you to, mean it.

    Ps: looks like you’re the one not over it. Personally I like hearing your opinions as I usually learn something. But since you Got all butt hurt I’ll leave it to ya.
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  12. Quickeye

    Quickeye Member MSGO Supporter

    I know a former Marine doesn't understand, being all of you are basic infantrymen, but in the Army, only Infantry MOS's are awarded the CIB and there ain't too many livin' officers runnin' around with CIB's. LOL:)
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  13. HerrZnk

    HerrZnk Distinguished Poster

    Seriously Dr. B, go ahead and tell just let it all out. Really. Stop holding it in, that's not healthy.
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  14. Dr. Benway

    Dr. Benway Distinguished Poster

    I'll give you even better lulz. My first tour to Iraq my brigade fought under II MEF and I survived as a 2nd Lieutenant. I even had my own POG Marine dog-handler attached to my platoon. II MEF liked us so much they even designed a combat patch for us.
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