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I recently posted that the CMP is testing a new Vintage match, a "sniper" match. Firing is done with vintage rifles with vintage optics; there are 2 stages, 300 and 600 yards.
This year the person who won used a MN 91/30 with scope.
If there is enough interest we will try to hold one at Southwest Gun club at our Bogue Chitto range. Please let me know and if possible we will work it into the schedule.

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True, I like the "spray" part of Spray & Pray....... But my "spray" HOSES the targets...... :)

I would like to try a Vintage Sniper match if I had a scoped vintage bolt-gun.... which I don't............. :(


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I was looking at the CMP rules and saw that a Weaver 2.5x scope is legal and that's what I have on my 22. Then I looked at my sporterized 03A3 deer rifle and realized I could redo it as a 03A4 clone without too much trouble if I can get by with it having a commercial (Sedgley) sporter weight barrel the same length as original.

Let me know if this ever gets up to speed. I may wear my steel pot!

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The standard 300 yard target (SR-3C) will be used at 300 yards and the standard 600 yard (MR-1C) target will be used at 600 yards.

The Vintage sniper rifle match is now official. It will be at Camp Perry next year. It will be held after the Hearst match on Wednesday. It will also be a fixture at the CMP games.

Vintage Sniper Rifle Match

Firearms and Scopes: Firearms for the Vintage Sniper Rifle match will be original issue or replica sniper rifles originally issued through the Korean War. Any rifle currently allowed in the CMP Garand, Springfield or Vintage Rifle matches may also be used if firing points are available after all scoped rifle competitors have been accommodated. Rifles may be re-barreled but must be in original caliber and contour. Rifles shall be in as issued condition, no fiberglass stocks, no bedding, no after market triggers and no artificial weight added to the rifle. Semi automatic rifles shall not have trigger pull lighter than 4.5 lbs, bolt action rifles shall not have trigger pull lighter than 2.5 lbs. Top finishers in the match may be subject to a rifle inspection. Competitors will be required to have their rifles inspected by CMP armorers for trigger pull and safety prior to the match. Scope mounts must be period original or reproductions. The scope rings may be of a diameter other than original to accommodate a scope listed in the table below for each rifle. The following table lists the legal rifles and scope combinations for this competition. Scopes must be original or reproduction other than those listed.

G98, KAR 98 ZF 39 variants, Weaver K4 Original issue scope
No III Enfield Aldis, Winchester A5, William Malcom
3X or 6X, Weaver K4
P14 Enfield Aldis
91/30, M39 PE, PU
K98 ZF39 variants, ZF 41, ZF4, Weaver K4
G43 ZF4
No 4(T) M32 variants, Lyman Alaskan, Weaver
K2.5, K3 or K4
1903 Springfield (1941) Any Unertl 6X or 8X with 1 – 1.5”
objective, Lyman Junior Target spot 6X
or 8X, Leatherwood Malcom 3X or 6X,
Winchester A5, Lyman 5A. Any scope
up to 8X with an objective no larger
than 1.5” with external adjustments
only. No recoil springs on scopes.
1903A4 (1903A3) Weaver 330C, K2.5, K3, M73, M81, M82
M84, Lyman Alaskan
M41/ M1B AGA 42, AGA 44, Ajack, ZF39 variants,
Weaver K4
M1C, M1D M81, M82, M84, Stith-Kollmorgan 4X,
Lyman Alaskan, Weaver K2.5, K3, K4
Type 97 and 98 Original issue scope

Ammunition: Legal ammunition will be military surplus Ball or match ammunition. Commercial ammunition loaded with FMJ, soft point or match style projectiles. Handloads using FMJ, soft point or match style projectiles. No tracer, armor piercing or incendiary type ammunition or projectiles may be used.

Shooting equipment: All normally used match shooting equipment and apparel may be used, shooing mat, coat, glove, sling, spotting scope, etc. If a team chooses they may use sand bags provided at the match for a front rest. No rear rest may be used. A strap on or lace on cheek piece may be used if desired. No permanently attached cheek piece may be used unless it was original to the gun, aka the No4 (T) Enfield. No bipods or other mechanical means of support may be used.

Course of Fire: All firing will be done from the prone position. The competition will consist of two man teams. One will serve as the shooter while the other serves as observer. After the first shooter fires the team members will switch roles and the observer will shoot while the other team member serves as observer. Teams will also serve as scorers/safety officers and as pit pullers. The course of fire will consist of each team member firing 10 rounds at 300 yards and 10 rounds at 600 yards. Teams will be given a two minute preparation period. Each team will then be given a five minute time period in which they may fire unlimited sighters that will be scored and marked. After the five minute sighter period the targets will be pulled for one minute, during which time they will be cleaned, repaired and placed at half mast. The command “Standby” will be given 10 seconds prior to the first target exposure. Firing for record will then commence. Targets will be exposed for 20 seconds. At the end of the 20 second exposure targets will be pulled for 20 seconds during which time they will be scored and marked and palced at half mast. Targets will then be run back up for another 20 second exposure until the shooter has fired all 10 shots. The centerline will announce prior to the tenth shot “This will your tenth and final shot for record”. The targets will then be pulled for two minutes and cleaned and repaired. During this time period ECI will be placed in all firearms and the shooter and spotter will switch roles. The command “Remove ECI, Load and Standby” will be given 10 seconds prior to the first target exposure for the second shooter. When the target reappears the second shooter will begin his course of fire. The standard 300 yard target (SR-3C) will be used at 300 yards and the standard 600 yard (MR-1C) target will be used at 600 yards. Placement and winners will be determined by score and X-count.

Additional information:
There are no alibis, teams in the pits must be on their toes!

When registering competitors will be required to list the type of rifle, scope and caliber they will be shooting in the match.

Armorers will verify the firearms safety, type and caliber during trigger weighing.
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