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Anybody got the real scoop on these guns? A bud had one that I was going to buy from him until I read about Sears recalling them. It is a 1950's bolt 12 gauge that seems to be built like a tank. It's just a $50 gun that I was going to buy to tinker with. Sears issued a recall on them supposedly due to a potential bolt latch problem. I have read numerous stories about them on the net. Many people say don't shoot it because it must be dangerous if they are recalling it. Many more say the recall was BS, or at least it was because of BS decisions by Sears top brass. If you have one, Sears will give you a Sears gift card for $50 if you send them the bolt. (I was just going to give $40 for the gun). The recall made me hesitate. I didn't buy it. It is not a gun I'll cry about if I don't get that is for sure. I was wondering if any of ya'll had any personal experience with this model gun or know anymore info on it. Thanks.
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