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Jackson Gun Show This Weekend

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Anyone going to the gun show this weekend. Might go by when it opens Saturday on my way to Magnolia.

Looking for the ever elusive items such as a 35 whelen bolt gun, good deals reloading components, or match grade 223 barrel for an AR in 1:9 to 1:12 twist.
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Think its time for me to swear off Great Southern shows. This one just flat out sucked. I usually go to these shows just for something to do for an hour or two. Got through this show in 30 minutes.

Maybe I'm just silly or something but I've always thought that gun shows were for gun aficionados. People that enjoy guns and are fairly knowledgeable. This show; more than any other in the area proves nothing could be further from the truth. From what I can tell this show is mostly about selling to thugs. Bunches of cheap guns marked at retail or better (more). If I wanted to pay retail I can go to any shop and buy out of the gun case. I go to shows looking for something different and selling for "realistic" prices.

Maybe I'm just having a bad day; I don't know, but I'm really sick of the Great Southern shows. I think I'm done with them. Worst $9 I ever spent
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