Jackson Mayor Blames Violence on Open Carry

Discussion in 'Press Talk' started by Ravendriver, May 8, 2018.

  1. mascott

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    Jackson has elected an idiot!

  2. granjack

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    Jackson has elected an idiot!...Again.
  3. GunnyGene

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    Babbling BS. Means less than nothing. :rolleyes:
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  4. Caleb C

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    Lake, MS
    Well..... in his defense, he can't identify the real problem AND get reelected.
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  5. mascott

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  6. SLBcmtr

    SLBcmtr Got to get to the cabin

    He's getting political priorities in order. He'll team up with
    Stokes and call for demonstrations at all gun shows. I'm
    really surprised there have not been protests at a local gun
    show in months.
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  7. Jarhead5811

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    When is he last time they didn’t?
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  8. gutdoc

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    That’s a loaded question!
  9. SLBcmtr

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    You know, if you look back on Jackson's politics, I firmly believe
    that the present massive infrastructure failures has its roots in the
    administrations of Dale Danks and prior. And since then, they didn't
    give a rat's ass about maintenance. They just pocketed the money
    and let West Jackson decline starting in the 1970s when the drug
    gangs moved in and didn't try to deal with it.

    On one hand, they deserve the crap hole that has developed but
    on the other hand, citizens from across the State shouldn't be
    embarrassed by the jack-wads and the their cesspool.

    Disclaimer: I don't live in Jackson or Hinds County.
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  10. JohnHeiter

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    What does "Having an impact" mean? Does it mean open carry is increasing crime, reducing it, making it happier, what? If he's implying, which he seems to be, that these people would not be shooting each other if only there was a law against them openly carrying... well let's just say I don't follow his "logic".
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  11. SLBcmtr

    SLBcmtr Got to get to the cabin

    Hell, I would bet that a majority of the people carrying guns there
    can't legally possess a firearm to begin with.
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  12. mascott

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    Left jacktown and hinds county in 1973. Haven't looked back! Only go there when I have to.
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  13. maxhush

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    NW MS
    I'd be more worried about open carry bein' brown baggin' some rotgut.
  14. 94LEVERFAN

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    And, because of his race and the majority of Jacktown voters, he, like Bennie Thompson, will have a lifetime job. Jackson is SO screwed.
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  15. Jarhead5811

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    Especially true if you only count the ones you need to be concerned about.
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  16. Morgan88

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    Can you imagine if the mayor in his press conference provided that this is plain and simple a behavior problem? The greatest man I ever knew reminded me "95% of the worlds problems are just inappropriate behavior" As I have lived my life I think it may be higher. Easy for me to say living in a relatively low crime area.
  17. Chris Boyd

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    SW MS
    What a load of utter horse crap.

    "The majority of the circumstances that we find in Jackson are conflicts that the individuals are aware with each other," said Lumumba. "Conflicts that rise to a point that we wish people had a better way of resolving. It is still a primary and urgent concern for us and we want to express that we're committed to resolving these cases and committed to demonstrating that Jackson will not tolerate that type of violence."

    In other words, gang bangers who are too stupid, childish, ignotrant, or cowardly to try and resolve their differences with words or with fists, so they result to shooting up neighborhoods.

    "One concern that I've heard from officers is that the open carry law is having a significant impact," he said. "But there are a number of factors, like I said, opportunity. You have individuals, you know they believe they are without hope, you know. So we have to address that dynamic so we don't have to confront the aftermath of what takes place when people feel there is no other way to resolve their conflicts."

    Here we have a typical case of a politician saying nothing but implying much. “Officers” tell him that open carry is having an impact, stated without any clear explanation so as to give the impression that said impact is negative. “Individuals without hope”. Well what is hope? A good job, a nice home, paved roads, clean running water, not having to worry about getting your head blown off by some thug who’s shoes you scuffed up in the hallway at school a decade ago? Regardless of what ‘hope’ is, chances of finding it in Jackson are pretty low. Especially with the gang bangers all over town. And with the city administration more worried about making headlines with tripe like this than about finding legitimate ways to combat crime and attract money to the city. It’s all just vaporous nonsense that boils down to one thing. Lamumba can’t do anything about the REAL problem and get re-elected. That’s because the REAL problem is his constituency. Once the city releases the arrest record of the persons involved in all this “recent” violence, we’ll all see that, as usual, liberal calls for incresed gun control don’t mean a damn thing because the ones commuting the violence are already ignoring the gun laws.