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June 6 Team Magnolia match in Byram

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Anyone planning on being there? As of now, the weather looks like it will be good, if not a bit "warm". I've had some interest from a couple of new shooters which is always good.

John said there would be no shooter's meeting this week, but he did request stages if anyone wants to submit some for consideration.

Should be a good one. Hope to see some of you there.
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I'm gonna try to make it. I haven't even picked up a gun since the Classic though. I was taking a sabbatical from shooting because I could feel myself starting to burn out. Let's hope this doesn't hurt me too much.

Oh and theres the matter of a new gun I'll have to break in.
Well....... It was SUPPOSED to have shipped to Steve this week. I'm actually about to call Venry now and see if it has. I'll pick it up whenever I come back into town Friday.

He sent me pictures though and it looks SWEET.

I've got my new holster and mag pouches set up too. Ghost holster and the CRspeed STI mag pouches.

I may not be fast, but damned if I don't look the part.
Just got off the phone with him. Not looking good. He's still not got the frame back from hard chrome. He's going to call them to make sure it's on its way and then he'll assemble it and ship it to Jackson.

Does UPS run on Saturdays?
I sent Venry 4 mags, and he's including one with the gun, that he says run with everything from factory length, out to long loaded ammo.

I'll email you the pictures he sent me. I'm going to add a new thread in the firearms gallery portion of the site once I get it in and I can take some better pictures.
Well assuming it comes in this weekend, I'll shoot at least 200 rounds through it before the match. If I don't have the chance, I'll shoot it anyway.

Fat chance I won't be shooting this thing! And besides, my gunsmith guaranteed it'd run with anything.

Hoping for the best,

No word from the smith. Looks like I'm gonna miss this one. I guess I'll just have to practice and come back in July.

I hate this.
I'll get some on here as soon as I get the gun in. Be on the lookout in the firearms gallery.
How'd you like Limited, Spanky???

And Jimmy, Venry d'Aiguillon of Radical Precision built it. It's a beauty. It should be here this week!

It's really impressive how fast you've moved up. Any secrets?
I definitely need to learn to get my head right. Usually if one thing goes wrong, it affects me for the rest of the match.
"Shooting is simple, Simple does not mean easy"- Rob Leatham
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