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June 6 Team Magnolia match in Byram

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Anyone planning on being there? As of now, the weather looks like it will be good, if not a bit "warm". I've had some interest from a couple of new shooters which is always good.

John said there would be no shooter's meeting this week, but he did request stages if anyone wants to submit some for consideration.

Should be a good one. Hope to see some of you there.
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Will_M said:
I'm gonna try to make it. I haven't even picked up a gun since the Classic though. I was taking a sabbatical from shooting because I could feel myself starting to burn out. Let's hope this doesn't hurt me too much.

Oh and theres the matter of a new gun I'll have to break in.
What? It's here? What do you think? Can't wait to see it.

For what it's worth, I haven't picked up one up since the Classic either.
You have to pay extra for Saturday delivery, but they will do it.

Who knows, maybe it will already be en route from the chromer and he will receive it today or tomorrow. If so, Steve should have it Friday. If you want to borrow some known quality mags for the match, you are welcome to mine, although I imagine yours will do fine.

Send me some pics or post a few if you get a chance.
Cool, sounds like you will be ready to go then. Look forward to checking it out.
That's a wise rule, really, and I would definitely follow it on a major match.

However, I wouldn't blame Will at all for shooting it in a local. I'd probably run a mag or two through it before the match and if all went well I'd shoot it. Sure, you are opening yourself up for some frustration that way so you have to be ready for it, but I would take the chance.
Just another update for those not on the mailing list:

Hi Gang,

Just got a report on the range and it’s in good shape so we’re good to go for tomorrow. Thirty percent chance of isolated showers after 3:00pm but we should be long gone by the time that rolls in. Gear up and I’ll see everyone in the morning for setup at 7:00. Please try to be there on time so we can get rolling before it gets too hot.


It was indeed quite warm, but 42 shooters and being done by lunch were nice. Another solid match at Magnolia. Props to John and everyone that helped setup, paste/reset, and especially tear down. Teardown could have been better and that was part my fault. I'll do better next time.

Jimmy, great shooting with you, and I look forward to checking out both your and Will's new heaters when they come in from your respective 'smiths.

Jeremy, welcome to Limited. What did you shoot? Nice Stage win on 3. I am sure there will be more of those to come. I thought 3 was a pretty cool setup for a comparatively small 24 round field course. It looks like John corrected your Stage 4 score in the match results. I didn't check the math to see if he recalculated the overalls but I imagine he would have.
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