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June 6 Team Magnolia match in Byram

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Anyone planning on being there? As of now, the weather looks like it will be good, if not a bit "warm". I've had some interest from a couple of new shooters which is always good.

John said there would be no shooter's meeting this week, but he did request stages if anyone wants to submit some for consideration.

Should be a good one. Hope to see some of you there.
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Weather's been nasty on this side the past few days. Anyone know if this is still on? I emailed John but haven't gotten a reply.
I got an email from John not 5 minutes after my post

Right now we’re on. We’ve been getting a little rain every day but with the sun out like it is the ground is baking back hard as soon as it quits. I’ve been out cutting my grass so if my yard is any indication we’re good. Cliff is going by the range this afternoon and is going to give me a range report. I’ll send out an e-mail once I have the word from him.

UGH. I had a long reply typed up but ended up accidentally navigating off of the page and apparently the browser ate my text.

To Jimmy, no extra reloads. Only screw ups were piss poor planning on stage 4 and an inadvertent safety engagement on stage 1.

Also, Ro/Scorekeeper miss-communication initially cost me significantly. My time on stage 4 was 20.96 but it was recorded as 40.96. I emailed John and told him not checking the scoresheet cost me 20 seconds on a stage. I didn't specify which stage but he did reply asking if stage 4 was the problem stage. The time mishap had cost me 51 match points and several plates in both Limited and Overall.
DBChaffin said:
It was indeed quite warm, but 42 shooters and being done by lunch were nice. Another solid match at Magnolia. Props to John and everyone that helped setup, paste/reset, and especially tear down. Teardown could have been better and that was part my fault. I'll do better next time.

Jimmy, great shooting with you, and I look forward to checking out both your and Will's new heaters when they come in from your respective 'smiths.

Jeremy, welcome to Limited. What did you shoot? Nice Stage win on 3. I am sure there will be more of those to come. I thought 3 was a pretty cool setup for a comparatively small 24 round field course. It looks like John corrected your Stage 4 score in the match results. I didn't check the math to see if he recalculated the overalls but I imagine he would have.
Definitely warm. I wouldn't have minded a 5th Short stage or speed shoot but I can understand some people would.

Thanks, Bryant. I purchased a used dawson tuned edge from a fellow on enos, borrowed some magazines from daniel hidalgo and ran a mix of some ammo I got from daniel and some 180gr win. white box.

Yes, it does appear that the overalls were corrected as well. Before that I was 11th, if I remember correctly.

I sincerely appreciate the kind words. It was certainly interesting shooting a match with a gun I hadn't done more than dryfire maybe for 10 minutes total. The gun will definitely take some getting used to. Here is my video from the match;
Focus. Zen.

and all that other mental stuff. ;)

Seriously though, no, not really. To be perfectly honest before last January I had zero pistol skills or fundamentals. I didn't know you were supposed to focus on the front sight. I didn't know you were supposed to follow through, how to reload, etc etc etc. Hell, I don't think I'd ever drawn out of a holster more than a handful of times. I shot my first match (and a few others) in January with a Glock 19, took a two Defensive oriented pistol classes in March and May then a Speed Shooting type pistol class in October. Other than that the only time I shoot is at a match. Unfortunately I have zero time for dry firing, live fire practice, etc etc. A full time job, a side job, running a website, a wife and two kids will do that to you. :rotflmao:
It happens to me quite often also. The key is to focus on the task at hand. What you're doing at that exact moment, not what happened one second ago or what will happen in one second. Make a plan and stick to it. It's MUCH easier said than done, unfortunately.
mhead said:
Hey Cliff , where you at ? I told you I was comin for you , all I need to do is get ten percent better on the same day that you are a little off and I got you . :lol4:
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