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Just noticed I made 1000 posts

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I just notidced I have finally hit the 1000 post mark as of sometime either today or ;ast night. YAY me.
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I not supposed to be on either now at work and great thanks SGMJody
SGMJody said:
Congratulations!!! I just checked and a package is "out for delivery" today.
the package was delivered and I have 1 very excited child that said TTTHHHHAAAANNNNNKKKKKK YOU!!! she said she loves it and is can't wait to put it on her rifle. She said " Wow, I will be able to see the Target now."
Good luck on that Captain. G1D after talking and typing simultaniously for 8 solid hours I don't wanna do either very much once I get home. LOL.
jbpmidas said:
Make sure you get the reticle focused for her!
We will once it warms up and de fogs or I may get it close tonight and finish adjusting it with her tomorrow. Oh and she doesn't know a new rifle purchase may be in the works for her just for these matches. She is serious about them so we want her to have the proper equipment. Thanks again SGMJody you are A++++ in my book. Can't wait to see how she does at 100 yard now that she can see more than a white square.
Possibly a kimber. We gotta see tho.
Not yet but nothing is ever short enough. We gotta.figure it out for sure
Yea we may have to do that.
1 - 9 of 28 Posts
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