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Just noticed I made 1000 posts

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I just notidced I have finally hit the 1000 post mark as of sometime either today or ;ast night. YAY me.
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Possibly a kimber. We gotta see tho.
Mrs. Hammer said:
Possibly a kimber. We gotta see tho.
They have the pieces you can remove from the buttstock, but not sure if it will be short enough. Has she shot one?
Not yet but nothing is ever short enough. We gotta.figure it out for sure
If y'all were closer she would be welcome to shoot mine. Mine has the same scope SGMJody sent. I'm sure Captain or someone else close will let her shoot. It would be good to know she likes it before you plunk down $400+ then have to buy a mount.
Yea we may have to do that.
Y'all would be welcome in Starkville, if you wanted to make the drive. She could shoot mine, and I'm sure SGMJody would like ot be there. It's kind of a long drive, though.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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