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just snagged another series 70 UPDATED WITH PICS

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Had a nice series 70 come across my desk today. Made in 72 i think, great condition except for some buttuguly grips on it. the only thing not original on it is the front strap has been stipled- very well done too. i will post some pics later tonight. I ended up trading my sig 220 for it. The guy that traded with me said his friend told him i might would be interested in his gun, he wanted something different b/c "those 1911's just are not safe because of that cocked and locked thing" I told him darn right.... let me show you how this cool decocking lever works on the sig. He is happy and i am estatic.
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it was all i could do not to laugh out loud. The colt was his fathers and the son unlike the dad has not got a lot of gun knowledge. He was amazed at how i could take the gun apart to inspect it. I will have to replace a spring and shock buffer and it will be ready to go. Very light spring in it i suspect knowing his father he was shooting light lead target loads. It was spung very light similar to my GCNM.
R. Lee Ermy is the freaking bomb. PICS ARE COMING SIR!
pics of new gun next to buttuguly grips that came on it.... they actually look pretty decent in the pic... they arent. put a set of grips off my other series 70 on it.

upclose of stipling on front strap... it looks good. i prefer checkering but this will work well enough.

TWINS!! one on left i have had for a couple years. One on right is the "new" one.
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lucky man i am still looking for a 70's GCNM. I hope you post pics when you get it tomorrow.
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