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Keeping a common action-type for carry guns....

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My work gun recently changed from a traditional DA/SA Sig to a DAK Sig. No biggie. I would have preferred to stay with the DA/SA, but I'm fine with the DAK. That being said, I have always believed that, when it comes to carry guns, you should stick with one trigger/action system. Under pressure, you don't draw and then forget to engage/disengage a safety. Or, to forget to decock the pistol before you reholster it while your adrenalin is pumping. That is the main reason I have never carried a 1911 off-duty, although I would love to. I don't regularly train to swipe the safety off and forgetting to do so might cost me my life.

Well, I train with my work gun a LOT. For many years, I was accustomed to "decocking" the pistol before I put it back in the holster. When I switched to the DAK, my thumb still made the motion out of habit, which is no big deal. No harm done by the extra motion. However, I'm slowly starting to "unlearn" that habit. Because of that, I made the decision to get rid of all of my DA/SA guns and go strictly to pistols with a DAK or DAO trigger system. For the most part, that has been pretty painless and a couple of forum members have gained from my decision. :lol4:

However, I have come to a realization that breaks my heart. Two of my mostess very favoritest Sig pistols are not manufactured by Sig in a DAK or DAO version!!! That means my beloved P245 and P228 will have to be replaced by something else! :tears:

How important do you guys think it is to stick with a single handgun system for carry guns? Do you switch back and forth? Every gun in my safe is a potential carry gun. I like to think that if I needed to, I could pull any one at random, strap it on, and rely on it for carry. Since I train, by far, the most (and under the most pressure) with my duty pistol, I really feel that I need to keep everything in the same action type. Thoughts?
PS - I consider all of my wheelguns to fall under my DAO requirement since I don't have any single action revolvers and I can't forget to "decock" one of them before I holster.

PPS- Did I mention how much I will miss my P228 and P245? :pullhair:
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bigsig said:
Gonz, how often do you wake up and say"which gun am I gonna carry for work today"?
Never. :D Well, not really, anyway. My choices for work are limted to my DAK Sig (the full size or the compact, depending on what I'm doing) with a j-frame revolver as back-up. So, not much variety there.

bigsig said:
In your case you train for work so I would think that off duty should be the same type if not the same gun.
Yep, I feel the same way. And it is not that I don't like the DAK trigger...I do. I just wish that Sig made the P245 and P228 with the DAK trigger, because I really, really hate to get rid of them. But, on the other hand, I don't believe in keeping guns in the safe that I don't ever plan on carrying (with the exception of some family heirlooms, etc).
bigsig said:
Pm me about package deal on the Sigs, when you decide to sell.
You guys are vultures!!! :lol4:

One of the other board members is already getting my P245 (at a pretty darned good price, I might add! LOL! ). But I'll defintely keep you mind when I decide what to do with my beloved P228. Sigh....
jbpmidas said:
Can the Sig be converted?
Yep, it appears the P228 can!! :thumbup: I cannot be converted to DAK (at least, not cheaply), but it can be converted to a traditional DAO rather easily. I should have the parts in hand to do so in a week or so! :smile:

Unforunately, the same was not true for my P245. I will miss it. I have about decided to send my S&W Performance Center Shorty .45 packing as well. A truly stellar carry gun in .45ACP. But the reality is, I have been carrying my Sig P220 Carry SAS DAK instead of my Shorty .45 anyway.
Thanks for the input guys. I have made the decision to go with 100% DAK/DAO type handguns (to include revolvers, of course) and plan to stick with it.

The biggest problem I have run into is just trying to find a Sig 9mm in DAK in MS! I have checked gunshops from the Coast to Grenda and from Vicksburg to Meridian! No joy. Same for a Kahr K9.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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