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Kel-Tec KSG

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I didn't know if any of you guys have seen it yet. I saw the stuff about it yesterday. There's a couple of vids on youtube of them firing it.
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From what ive read of people who handled one at the shot show, its a pretty awkward design. Like all new keltec products lately, im inclined to think this thing is another piece of vapor ware. Just try to find a rfb or a pmr30 if you dont know what i am referring to. I know dealers who have had each on order since they were announced and none of them have seen even one yet.
My point is keltec announces this stuff and says its in full production, yet very little if any actually show up for dealers to buy. Doesnt paint a good image for keltec imho. I do own a sub 2000, and used to have a pf9 so i dont hate keltec by any means i just dont think they are remotely honest in their marketing. Honestly, i will think twice before i buy another keltec.
It did jam/hangup in one of the videos i saw, and it was a keltec rep shooting it. That video was apparently pulled, i cant find it now.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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