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Kel Tec Sub2000

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Just picked her up today, sort of a hard to find model in 9mm made for G19 mags (also G17 & G18 mags).

Can't wait to break her in...

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I broke it down last night to inspect & clean it.

It had some residual test fire junk in the chamber & barrel. I'm guessing they test fire more than two rounds like Glock does?

Overall looked like a simple, sturdy design.

Glad I have plenty of glock mags & 9mm ammo stacked up.

I get the feeling I'm gonna like this one a LOT...
Slngblde said:
Would anybody be interested in parts to mount a scope on one of these? Im working on coming up with a way to do it with no major mods to the gun.
I've been looking at all the mods that owners have done over on the Kel Tec forum.

They do have accessories available & there are some pretty wild mods posted, from holo sights to red dots, scopes, rails lights lasers & all.

Seems like they are pretty easy to modify as well.
Just ordered a couple of 33rd factory Glock mags. Going to get the pic rail & the tube cover.
I got lucky. Walked into Cook's Guns in Biloxi & there it was.
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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