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Kel Tec Sub2000

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Just picked her up today, sort of a hard to find model in 9mm made for G19 mags (also G17 & G18 mags).

Can't wait to break her in...

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Ive got a .40 caliber one of these, very fun gun and accurate too. Mine runs like a top, no problems whatsoever with it. Ive shot about 250 through it so far. A tip about these, they fit perfectly in one of those cheap plastic 4 place pistol cases from academy when folded.
Would anybody be interested in parts to mount a scope on one of these? Im working on coming up with a way to do it with no major mods to the gun.
I haven't been to that forum yet, need to check it out.
Only thing ive done to mine so far is to mount a pice of cheap rail to the right side of the foregrip to mount a flashlight. Something i didnt anticipate with this is that the light is at a slight angle and lights up the front site base very well for night shots. Ill get a picture of it tomorrow so you can see what i did.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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