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keltec 22 mag

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CDNN has the new pmr-30 22 mag. Its $299.99 with 2 30 rd mags
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msredneck said:
CDNN is known for "advertising" they got em...only to find out later...no can do.

This happened to several of us on a kel-tec buy
Just about everything ive ever seen in a cdnn sales flyer i want is out of stock, its gotten to the point i dont look at them anymore.
Never got to the point of paying, literally everything ive ever added to my cart there has shown out of stock once its added.
Anybody thinking about one of these, hold off for a bit. There are several cases out there where its somehow caused brass to rupture during firing destroying part of the slide.
Saw a couple of these today at the gun show.. at the bargain price of $800 or more. Might would try one at the msrp or there abouts, but no way in hell would i pay anything over that for a keltec.
One of the ones i saw was an odd color, wasnt really od or fde.. Almost a mix of the two. Was a dirty looking color, made the gun look even cheaper.
If they would make a 30 round 22lr pistol i would buy two.. and i am not a huge keltec fan anymore.
biscuitnt said:
I kind of want one but think I will hold out till I can one in FDE or OD Green. I think we have only had a few in Black come through.

Buy a black one and ill cerakote it for the cost of the material.
1 - 8 of 27 Posts
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