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keltec pf9

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what is your take on this weapon?
what experience you have with it?
what do i need to know about it?
any tips for accuracy improvement?
basically, tell me everything you know about it.
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I have the pf9 brown grip. Check out this site KTOG.org. Click on the bulletin board for some helpful tips.
3SPOP, I saw the hard chrome pf9 at gold-n-guns in Grenada,MS on Saturday for $349.95. Blued slide were alittle cheaper. They had 4 or 5 with various color grips,blue grips and black grips I think. Hope this helps. :sunny:
rigrat said:
I have one and love it for my carry. It is less bulky than my Glock 26 and lighter also. Accuracy is good enough to make a coke can dance at 15 yards.
For the money it is a good handgun.
+1 to that rigrat. I have the pf9 brown grip and the glock26. There's a place for both of them in my ccw carry. Also, when I want to go superlite weight I carry a Beretta 21a/22lr with cci stingers.
cranedriver said:
Picking up a KelTec PF9 this afternoon, its the Olive Drab with parkerized slide. I will have to wait two weeks to try it out due to going back to work tonight. I think I am gettin a good deal gun,clip,case,Kahr pinky extension on mag and a hogue handall jr grip for $200.

I get my CCW sometime first week of September so now I just need to locate me a holster for the PF9.

Just wish the PF9 had a higher magazine capacity but then it wouldn't be as thin, it is a much better option than the only other small gun I have suitable for carry a Walther P22.

Anybody know of if the sights are interchangeable on the PF9 was wondering if any upgrades were available.
Sounds like you got a pretty good deal. I do not know of any sight upgrades. The sights on the pistol work pretty well for me as it is a ccw for me. I pocket carry strong side in a UM #4 pocket holster.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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