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keltec pf9

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what is your take on this weapon?
what experience you have with it?
what do i need to know about it?
any tips for accuracy improvement?
basically, tell me everything you know about it.
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I've got one. I love it as a carry gun, it is very light and slim. As far as accuracy, I haven't shot a whole lot but have shot enough to know I can hit my steel plates at 15-20 yards consistantly. Not great for ladies or the weak at heart. It has a very strong recoil spring that my wife has a lot of trouble racking the slide, but it will shoot and feed anything you throw at it. I'm a fan! It does have a little punch for a 9 b/c of the high centerline and the lightness of the pistol, but it is not a target gun so who cares. If your using it, you won't be worried about recoil. :bigtu:
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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