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keltec pf9

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what is your take on this weapon?
what experience you have with it?
what do i need to know about it?
any tips for accuracy improvement?
basically, tell me everything you know about it.
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I had one for a few months and thought it was a great little carry gun. It was a little too big for me to pocket carry, but small and light enough to be comfortable all day long in the various IWB holsters. I wish I had it back, because it never jammed and would shoot anything. Fairly accurate for such a short barrel, as well. Not really a fun range gun, but great for it's intended purpose. One thing you need to address as soon as you get it though is to use a little blue locktite on the extractor spring screw. My would start backing out after 40 or 50 rounds and if you don't address it with locktite or regular tightening, it will shoot the firing pin out the back of the gun, since that screw also secures the FP. Not a big deal if addressed, but necessary. Also, never dry fire the pistol without snap caps or you'll break the firing pin on that same screw. Overall, a competent little CCW gun that actually gave you respectable firepower. Much more potent than the .380s. A handall jr is a nice enhancement, if you plan on shooting it much. Keltek has great customer service, as well. I needed the revised mag carrier for mine, so I called and asked for one. Also, asked for another firing pin, FP spring, and frankenbolt while I was at it. All the parts arrived free of charge 3 days later.
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1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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