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Kimber Stainless Target II 1911 in 10MM. Customer brought it in with a broken Safety and wanted the factory sights changed out to night sights. Disassembled and sonic cleaned. He supplied the Fixed Tactical Wedge Kimber Brand Night Sight Set, the Safety was out of shop inventory. No ammo supplied, I had two rounds of 10MM in the shop, so I did a function check only, no test fire.
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I own a Dan Wesson 1911 ,10mm that I bought from QuickEye a year before he passed away. I bought 500 rounds of ammo with it and it is stainless. I love it and would not hesitate buying another 10 mm.I met a man that goes fishing in Alaska on those rivers and streams and he said that is what he carried for bears. I would carry it or one of my 44 mags if I went hunting or fishing in big bear country. I think it is about the closet thing to a 44 magnum revolver besides a 41 mag revolver in factory loaded ammo handguns. But that is my opinion and evidently other shooters and hunters.
Mine does not kick excessively. Not as much as a 44 magnum and surely not as much as a 500 or .460.

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