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If a few of ya'll want one these Kimber 82's

send mstropyhunter a pm and put your name here

$400 plus $29.95 shipping

guns from CMP are randonly picked out when ordered this way..

These are "rusty" Kimbers...there aint no rust


I aint running this deal....this thread is to see how many takers we got...then we will work something out.

pm mstropyhunter and put your name and qty wanted in thread.

You gotta cough up the $ before the road trip to select or before the order gets mailed

Cough up means cold hard cash in mstropyhunters hand

Possible road trip past Anniston, Al 1st week of Dec....so we kinda need this info by end of Thanksgiving week
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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