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Recently purchased a lightly used Kimber Solo. Have wanted one since I first saw them and just could not justify the price for another pocket pistol till I found this one.

Took it home and after a quick takedown, cleaning, and safety check pulled out a selection of premium carry rounds and stepped back to the steel plates. Bang, ping, bang, ping, S%$#, failure to eject. Malfunction drill, bang, ping, S&^%. Ok so much for 147gr Gold dots.

After repeating this with several brands and different weight bullets, I had already read the reviews about how finicky Solos were, it was back to the bench for a more thorough inspection. Didn't take long to see that the extractor was slipping off of the case and that the spring appeared to be a bit weak.

Fast forward to Monday and a call to Kimber customer support to order a spring. The lady on the phone was super pleasant and when I told her what the problem was she ask for the serial number and put it in her system. She came back with the following. "Well sir your gun is four years old and has never been sent back to us. I need your email so I can send you a RMA number to ship it back." Me " It is only an extractor spring I believe I can handle that myself. Her "Yessir I understand but it is covered under warranty and we would like to check it out and see if there are any other issues." with the caveat that they would contact me if it needed anything not covered.

After a bit of grumbling on my part (4-5 week normal turnaround and expecting a call for $$$) I agreed and they emailed me the RMA info as well as a label for UPS 2nd day air. Sent it off on a Wednesday they received it on Friday. The next Wednesday I get an email that my package had shipped. Came in Friday and when I opened it there was a service ticket with the repair information.

Magazine Follower Adjusted
Extractor Assembly, Sear, Sear Spring, Striker Safety Lever, Firing Pin Return Spring, Long Thumb Safety Pin, & Outer Recoil Spring Replaced
Barrel Reamed, Polished, & Refinished
Firing Pin Channel cleaned and degreased

Went out and tried it with the 147 GDHPs again no issues. Tried it with several other Premium rounds 124-147gr with no issues. Decided to be smart and see what it would malfunction on. Various brands and weights from 115 to 147 with no issues.

Color me impressed. In the age of pretty much expecting bad service from everyone Kimber showed me that there are still some companies that do value their customers and stand behind their products. Even if it is four years old and has been bought and sold a few times.
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