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Kimber ultra carry II

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I have a Kimber ultra carry II I was told I need to replace the rocoil spring about every 300 rounds to avoid cracking the frame or something like that? Is that true or is someone peeing on my leg and telling me it's raining? If I have to replace the spring is there a better spring I can buy that will last longer?
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Somebody told you wrong. I'd at least double that number on the OEM spring, but get some Wolff springs and don't look back. The poundage of the springs will vary by opinion. A really good source for information like that would be the Kimber forum over on the 1911 forum website (you probably already go there): http://forums.1911forum.com/

I got a used UCII that is now my daily carry, and it likes the Winchester "white box" ammo fine, also eats my reloads without complaint. I find that the gun is more narrow than revolvers and most Glocks, and that it's caliber (.45 ACP, God's caliber) is sufficient to ease my mind. Good carry gun.
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