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Kimber ultra carry II

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I have a Kimber ultra carry II I was told I need to replace the rocoil spring about every 300 rounds to avoid cracking the frame or something like that? Is that true or is someone peeing on my leg and telling me it's raining? If I have to replace the spring is there a better spring I can buy that will last longer?
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For the ultras it's more like 1200 I think? I have a compact(4") and it was 700 the first time. Just replace it with Wolff XP springs when you do and you're good for a lot longer.

Mine has the aluminum frame also and Im pretty sure the frame cracking thing is BS
Your manual will give you suggested times to replace the springs. Like I said in the 4" it's like 700 per the manual. But with Wolff XP springs its 1500 or so
captain-03 said:
WOW!! this is interesting ... replace springs to avoid damage to a new gun!! That does not sound good!!
Yeah just sounds like one of those infamous Kimber problems huh?

I don't really like the Remington ammo in mine at all....I mostly stick to the cheap federal from walmart for practice. Tula feeds good in it too surprisingly(doesn't feed well in my bro's Taurus pt1911ar or my fiance's dad pt1911al(alluminum frame), nor does it feed in my high standard Govt model, or even in my fiance's brother in law's springfield.)

A couple types of ammo not feeding is acceptable as long as your carry ammo is 100%. But much more than that and you need to send it back in for some extractor work.

The Wolff spring will come with a new firing pin spring as well(which is tricky to install if you've never taken one down that far before like me. Not hard, just not as easy as on a series 70...a 3rd hand would help
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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