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Kimbers for the match

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How ya'll gonna break in ya'lls rifles. Does the bolt come out easily with a scope mounted on it? Seen several different methods for a .22, never broke in one of those. I got a box of 525 Federal Champion 36 grain, copper plated hollow points if the Kimbers come here before the wolf for sighting and breaking in. We can shoot at Magnolia but I can only bring 3 non-members.
Do you have to use shims on a 50 m.m. scope (never shot a rifle where the scope rode that high).
I saw a 60x spotting scope pretty cheap, that be enough to see them little holes?
Lastly, who carries decent gunsmith drivers around metro JXN. Got a feeling it gonna take some bowing up on those screws on those rifles that have been sitting up that long and I don't want to mar the head on one.

'Neck, you need a hand with anything out at your land? Call me and I'll meet whenever you want.
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I knew from ya'll's earlier post it would not be rusty, just thought they may be a little tight and the grooves have some build up. Good excuse to get a good driver set. Yeah, I ordered some wolf but wanted to get a little practice with something. Brownells got some good stuff in their catalog but it ain't cheap so I guess I better not be either.
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