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Kimbers for the match

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How ya'll gonna break in ya'lls rifles. Does the bolt come out easily with a scope mounted on it? Seen several different methods for a .22, never broke in one of those. I got a box of 525 Federal Champion 36 grain, copper plated hollow points if the Kimbers come here before the wolf for sighting and breaking in. We can shoot at Magnolia but I can only bring 3 non-members.
Do you have to use shims on a 50 m.m. scope (never shot a rifle where the scope rode that high).
I saw a 60x spotting scope pretty cheap, that be enough to see them little holes?
Lastly, who carries decent gunsmith drivers around metro JXN. Got a feeling it gonna take some bowing up on those screws on those rifles that have been sitting up that long and I don't want to mar the head on one.

'Neck, you need a hand with anything out at your land? Call me and I'll meet whenever you want.
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sidroski said:
I saw a 60x spotting scope pretty cheap, that be enough to see them little holes?
I've got a 20-50 Bushnell that worked well at 100 yds with 30 Cal., not sure about .22 If you don't have anything by the 18th you're welcome to use it. If you like it I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. :p

The consensus best deal going is this Kronus. When I went out to 200 yds the Bushnell just wouldn't do it with my crappy old eyes.


Scope's nice, still looking for a GOOD tripod or stand though. I had it on my Midway Wish List waiting on a $15 off or free shipping sale. Finally gave up and decided to order it anyway, and the next morning I had an Email that it was on sale for $189. Got lucky.

It's not all about the size. A big scope with so-so optics won't do it. You know the old saying, buy quality and you only cry once.
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