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Kimbers for the match

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How ya'll gonna break in ya'lls rifles. Does the bolt come out easily with a scope mounted on it? Seen several different methods for a .22, never broke in one of those. I got a box of 525 Federal Champion 36 grain, copper plated hollow points if the Kimbers come here before the wolf for sighting and breaking in. We can shoot at Magnolia but I can only bring 3 non-members.
Do you have to use shims on a 50 m.m. scope (never shot a rifle where the scope rode that high).
I saw a 60x spotting scope pretty cheap, that be enough to see them little holes?
Lastly, who carries decent gunsmith drivers around metro JXN. Got a feeling it gonna take some bowing up on those screws on those rifles that have been sitting up that long and I don't want to mar the head on one.

'Neck, you need a hand with anything out at your land? Call me and I'll meet whenever you want.
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On gun screwdrivers:

Brownells and Sinclair International is your friend...

Vans in Brandon may have some....You really need a good set of gunsmith screwdrivers...Wheeler Eng makes a good set. They got em at Surplus City gun range

The Rusty's are NOT rusty...screws are not bad...bolt's easy to take out and clean...biggest problem I've found cleaning is I can not find a bore guide that will fit...so I'm using a 22 boresnake....not my preferred method of cleaning....but it gets the job done..I aint gonna get that "anal" about a $400 22 rifle

best way to "break-in" a 22 is come shoot the hell out of it

you want high rings so you got plenty clearance for the bolt to operate

plus you don't want your objective touching your barrel

get you some burris high rings for 22 with the 1/8 dovetails and you should be good to go...Vans has em...$35 - 40....couple of us "shemmed" ours to make sure we did not run the scope all the way out to be shooting at 100 yards...all that will depend on the scope you bought

My suggestion on ammo would be to "don't bother" with any of the bulk ammo in the big 525 rounds.....its crap...floor sweepings.....and yeah... it matters...

Shoot that with the grandson....for our "friendly competitions", I recommend better ammo...else X-Ring, Mstropyhunter, Captain-03 and Sungunfan gonna be spanking ya...Big Time

Get 7 or 8 different 50 rd boxes of eley, wolf etc and shoot groups to see what your gun likes....its the only way to know...You might get lucky and find it likes Walmart bulk...but I'm betting that aint gonna be the case...and yeah "good" 22 ammo is about $7 - 8 a box....get over it...you oughta try shooting 75 - 100 rds of 308 in a match...talk about an ammo tab....whatever your gun likes...about 1000 rds (2 bricks) oughta last you all year for matches

range can be set up day of match in about 30 min as long as ya'll bring a few target stands....eventually I'll have enough

with all the rain earlier in the week its gonna be muddy in the target area....Cap brought us a big pool cover to lay on the ground to shoot on...its in the target house keeping the rats and mice warm right now
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I understand the economics of the ammo...

Sid just keep in mind... In a "match", we only gonna shoot 3 strings of 20 plus 5+2+2 sighters

so that's 70 rds...even with fairly expensive 22 ammo. ..it will only run ya about $9.00 in ammo for a match...it aint a biggie

I need to shoot what the gun likes...cause I need all the help I can get...


x-ring....ya'll shootin my place THIS Sat or not?....

need to let folks know...I'll be in the woods
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C ya'll on Dec 18th then

gives ya'll time to get your set up done.
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