King's Ranch Precision Rifle Family Day

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting/Area Shoots' started by MrFrankZ, Apr 10, 2017.

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  2. Page not available .....
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    He set it to private, with Facebook being anti gun and all.
    I'm seeing what he can do to make it easier to view.
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    Where is this located?
  6. nonnieselman

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    Now that sounds like alot of fun!!
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    FB. copy says Oxford, cr 208.
  8. MrFrankZ

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    Just north of Oxford in Abbeville.
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    I shot there last weekend. It's very basic right now, meaning there's steel every 100 yards from 500-1100 in front of hay bales. They have a window style barricade, pipes and spool barricades for PRS-style shooting. There's a sight in range as well. I don't know how much more they'll have done before range day, but there's a lot of potential there. Since it's just a group of regular guys endeavor, they're asking for the donations to go to improvements and cover food.
    I'm not affiliated with the project, just his friend but I see the value in having another viable location to shoot long range because the club I'm a member of only goes to 600. If you're interested, go to the second link I posted and confirm so they'll know how much food to get.
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    Get him to sign up on here. Would be easier for us that dont have FB.
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    Im plannin on making it.
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    Ok guys here's an idea of what to expect Saturday.

    10:00a Welcome and Safety Brief
    10:30a-12:00p Firing line will open (Range/Safety Officers will control the line)
    1230p-1330 3-4 Mini PRS inspired courses of fire approximately 40 rounds
    1330(or as soon as the PRS course of fire ends)-until the firing line will reopen.

    Lunch will be ready around 1200 and people can get a plate during their down time.

    As of now the firing line will run 5 2-man teams on the line. Shooters will be paired with another shooter if they don't have a buddy they want to shoot with. If our RO's see that they can run more people on the line they will do so. We will run a cold range. Any rifle that's not on the line should have the bolt back and some sort of chamber flag to indicate an empty chamber.

    Our main priority is for everyone to have a SAFE and fun day. We will have some rifles from MS Precision Stephen Chism, chassis from Mcree's Precision Scott McRee, and products Sarges Shooting Bags Tony Smith on hand for you guys to look at and try out.

    Lunch will consist of Ribs and pulled pork from Kerry Gordon King

    We look forward to seeing and visiting with everyone! We hope this is the 1st of many events to come!

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  15. nonnieselman

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    When is the next shoot goin to be? Im not gonna be able to make it this weekend. :(
  16. MrFrankZ

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    We're already planning another one, if there's interest then I'll post it up in here. I got to meet Leadburner and I hate I didn't get to shoot his 280.
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  17. dhollis51

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    you taking your M1 Garand? :)
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  18. MrFrankZ

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    I would LOVE to see a Garand come out and kick ass on a PRS stage.
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    Enjoyed meeting you MrFrankZ along with the rest of the crew there. We'll make sure you get on the 280 for sure next time. Had a great time & got my first 1000 yard hits so alls good in LB's world. The ride wasn't as bad as I thought it might be so that was a plus. Did anybody mention the wind was blowing. :) Anyways took a few pics.

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  20. MrFrankZ

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    Wind wasn't that bad lol... I was .7 mil at 1025. Everyone around me was at 1.2 though. My elevation is what killed me.

    I have definitely decided that a 284 is my next build so I can cheat the wind a little more.