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Knife Sharpening Thread....

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What you fella's use to keep those blades honed? I am physically uncapable of properly using a whet rock. Tried a Lansky, Galco, and some other similar brand, but was never satisfied with how they worked, or the final edge. Then I discovered this thing several years ago. Have not used another sharpening system since....

It will have any non-serrated blade shaving sharp in 2 or 3 minutes....Pocket knives, filet knives, broadheads....It's a fine little gadget.
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god I have more things to sharpen knives than I do firearms in my house.. If I am making a knife or if one is super neglected, I have a series of diamond stones ranging from xtra course to medium that I use to get any grinding/filing marks/dents out and set my primary edge. Then I start with wet stones and and work up to my extra fine stone which is in like the 5k grit area I think. I put my stones away and go to the high speed buffing wheel fine buffing compound and start buffing untill its back to mirror smooth. After thats done I get my extra fine stone out and put the secondary edge on which is normally at 15degrees then a quick pass at the buffing wheel. I dont normally use any sort of jig, I think its muscle memory now. If the knife is super special to me I have some Japanese water stones I can add to the mix. Granted this process takes about an hour when its done you have one heck of an edge. If I got a knife that just needs a little attention the extra fine stone comes out and 5 min later done. For my kitchen knife I will usually go to a sodium rod or a leather strap.
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yal ever played with the jap water stones? I get my rouges mixed up I have a big brick of white, green, red, and black. I think i listed those from fine to course?
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