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Korean Surplus Ammo Danger

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This nice M1 was a victim of Korean Military Surplus Ammo. The problem is in the heat treatment of the cartridge cases. The split is called a "P" split. This is when the case splits at the head and the split goes through the primer pocket. KaBoom. There are 6 cases of M1 Garand and 1903 rifles thw ere destroyed by this ammo.

This is the cartridge that blew up the M1

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SubGunFan said:
There is some IMI 80 & 81 308 ammo on the market that does the same thing. Splits in the head and lower case and..... BOOM. I had one of these IMI 308 round blow my FAL's mag apart, but no other damage....... Luckily.

I have shot a bunch of PS-78 223 ammo with no problems, but this ammo does seem to be HOT.

Doug, what years are the problem PS ammo?

I have been told all manufacturers and dates are suspect. I would not fire any of the Korean .30 M2 Ball ammo.

racine said:
I've read a lot about the P S made korean ammo but what about the K A headstamps? I've only seen minor issues on the CMP website. Would this brass be salvageable along with the bullets?
Pull the bullets, save the powder and reload it. I have 500 rounds worth of powder and I will use it to reload .30-06 ammo. I weighed 5 or 6 of the charges and I will use that info for the new ammo.

KA has been mentioned by the Texas State Rifle Association as being dangerous. Several rifles have been blown up with this ammo. Also some of the KA ammo is corrosive.

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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