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lapua brass..

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Ok who on here is rat hole'n all the dang 308 lapua brass!!!!????
i been watching powdervalley, ebay, and gunbroker for months and i keep coming up dry. I think i may buy a box of nosler brass and give it a try.
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sometimes they sneak some up on there but heck there aint a single peice of 308 lapua on gunbroker and thats sad
Doug Bowser said:
I have 200 each of 7.62x54r and 6.5x55 Lapua brass. I have never had a case failure or split neck. It seems to be the best brass I have ever used. By the way it is pronounced LA' Pwa not LA' PUA

Doug Bowser The Finn Book Author
"la'pooaahh" ?? lol im from the south so its understood we dont pronounce stuff right.. H&K is pronounced heckler and coke... i say kosh =(
well not from the normal sources i deal with = ( local gun shop told me he could get nosler 35ct box for $50 i said pass!
so you are the one stock piling the lapua brass!!! ha i knew it!
I picked up 200 once fired fed gold medal brass for a song an a dance so Im gonna try them out
No... it would scare small children
nonnieselman said:
That knife come with it ??
Sure did! Free Benchmade Auto Rukus with the purchase of 200 rounds of fed gold medal = ) best deal i ever got
it ended yesterday dont worry about it lol
1 - 10 of 59 Posts
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