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lapua brass..

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Ok who on here is rat hole'n all the dang 308 lapua brass!!!!????
i been watching powdervalley, ebay, and gunbroker for months and i keep coming up dry. I think i may buy a box of nosler brass and give it a try.
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What caliber are you looking for and how many pcs? I may have a few boxes under my bench..Been in storage for a few years but still unfired and ready to go.
I took another poster's advice and visited the champions choice web site. Ordered 200 pcs for stock piling and they shipped it today! WOW best price I have seen lately. Can a man have too much Lapua brass hidden under the bench?

Champions Choice-ordered and delivered. I would do business with these guys again in a heartbeat!
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Powder Valley has .308 Lapua in stock 64.53 per 100. Is there ever a bad time to buy this stuff and hide it under the bench?
Just read a thread on another forum about guys trying to find Lapua brass. I purchased some when this thread was new and it's still in the box. Wish my 401 had done this well in the past few months LOL

aint life good
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