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lapua brass..

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Ok who on here is rat hole'n all the dang 308 lapua brass!!!!????
i been watching powdervalley, ebay, and gunbroker for months and i keep coming up dry. I think i may buy a box of nosler brass and give it a try.
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Midway had some Lapua sr brass on clearance and i was lucky enough to get the last box for 52 bucks. Havent seen anymore since
That knife come with it ??

I got a few loaded bullets.. gonna use the brass and see how good it is.

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The Lapua 22-250 brass i use is right at $1 each.. i make sure they go straight from the gun to the ammo box.
Im not gonna say thats not true. But it wouldnt make sense, that lapua sells their 22-250 brass for $1 each. Where wolf gold 22-250 55gr sp is only 75 cents per round loaded.
yea but the ammo box dont work so great if you turn it over :(
1 - 6 of 59 Posts
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