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lapua brass..

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Ok who on here is rat hole'n all the dang 308 lapua brass!!!!????
i been watching powdervalley, ebay, and gunbroker for months and i keep coming up dry. I think i may buy a box of nosler brass and give it a try.
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Can't find Lapua 308's ?


Everybody's cleaned them out....getting ready for F class season....Hope I have enough

I know some folks been having good luck with Nosler custom...
That will be a good deal...when I start buying up all the nosler :j/k:
I wish it were so

I'm beginning to wonder if I have enough to shoot F class this year now :affraid:
U think 308 is bad...you ought try buying a few 100 6.5x47 Laupa brass...I've made cheaper house payments

Guess commodity prices going up due to fuel...I'm seeing some pretty major price increases lately....

some more of that "hope and change" :bull:
Lots of Winchester available :p U have to throw half of it away on the first sort

Break out that CC and get you some Norma ! $$
I just got me a few more lapua 308's for the pile.

One batch of 100 will last the whole F class season anyway

Now I thought Lapua was in Finland, or Sweden...(aint got time to Google it) and Wolf is made in Russia...so I don't "get" the wolf ammo using Lapua brass part.

Maybe I'll buy some wolf gold and inspect it and weigh it...It won't be that tough to figure out
Guess I need to look around for some of this wolf gold metal..Hook me up with a link...I'm feeling lazy...
1 - 7 of 59 Posts
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