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lapua brass..

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Ok who on here is rat hole'n all the dang 308 lapua brass!!!!????
i been watching powdervalley, ebay, and gunbroker for months and i keep coming up dry. I think i may buy a box of nosler brass and give it a try.
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no its stamped wolf but at the shot show both wolf and lapua told me the same thing . i do have several thousand fed, match new primed brass i will be taking to tulsa this weekend
Im not gonna say thats not true. But it wouldnt make sense, that lapua sells their 22-250 brass for $1 each. Where wolf gold 22-250 55gr sp is only 75 cents per round loaded.
I just got me a few more lapua 308's for the pile.

One batch of 100 will last the whole F class season anyway

Now I thought Lapua was in Finland, or Sweden...(aint got time to Google it) and Wolf is made in Russia...so I don't "get" the wolf ammo using Lapua brass part.

Maybe I'll buy some wolf gold and inspect it and weigh it...It won't be that tough to figure out
I got 100 of those Lapua .308's that should be here tomorrow. Sad part is, I'm shipping my .308 back to Remington tomorrow!
its finland and they trade a lot with russia but i am only telling you what both wolf and lapua told me at the shotshow in conecting booths by the way i could care less as i use lake city brass if you prep it right it is just as good if you are always going to shot it in the same gun imo
I got my 100 in today. Man, they are pretty! Unexpected bonus, they came with a 50 round ammo box.
yea but the ammo box dont work so great if you turn it over :(
Guess I need to look around for some of this wolf gold metal..Hook me up with a link...I'm feeling lazy...
you know wolf match 22 is made by eley not that it maters but it would awnser something about why they use lapua brass in their gold ammo. i bought some in 6.5 grendal and it works fine very good brass .i dont know who sells it in ms but i have seen it at gunshows
If you guys are still looking for Lapua Brass, look no farther! http://www.powdervalleyinc.com/ Powder Valley has everything except .260 Rem. They update there page daily. I bought 100 pcs. of 6mmBR and 100 pcs. of 6.5x47L last week from them. They also have the best prices on Powder. They will let you order 52# (I think) of powder and primers on one $25.00 HAZMAT fee.
could anyone tell me what would be the value of once-fired Lapua 338 mag brass? I have a chance to buy 25
I ordered another 100 .308 from Sinclair. They have them for $65.99/100.
Powder Valley has .308 Lapua in stock 64.53 per 100. Is there ever a bad time to buy this stuff and hide it under the bench?
I may be selling some shortly. My rifle likes Winchester brass better so far.
I would like some Lapua brass. If you're selling some let me know.
Lt.Dan said:
I would like some Lapua brass. If you're selling some let me know.
I'll know by tomorrow afternoon.
Lt.Dan said:
I would like some Lapua brass. If you're selling some let me know.
Selling it. I sent you a PM.
Just read a thread on another forum about guys trying to find Lapua brass. I purchased some when this thread was new and it's still in the box. Wish my 401 had done this well in the past few months LOL

aint life good
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