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laser genetics= awesome

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I just got to test out the laser genetics designator on a friends scope. That thing is awesome. You can adjust the beam from smaller to wider. I have to say I will eventually get one. I was shining it at a house, trees, cars etc. over 600 yards away and had the burris scope turned up and it was friggin awesome. Ya'll have got to check these things out if you need to smoke some vermin at night. I can't speak to the durability, or battery life but the concept is definitely cool and it lights up wherever your scope is aimed. I was very very impressed.
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the one I bought fell apart after only a handful of shots on the gun - my AR... the mirror/lens assembly came apart... thats after painstakingly mounting it since the scope rings that came with it were drilled off center (to the inside) making it slightly too small for the scope... I will send it back and try to get satisfaction, but after speaking with their customer service dept, I doubt it....I'll hold my rating until I see if they will fix it by sending me a new one.... then I'll try again... but initially, my rating is an FFFFF--------- this thing is :bull:
I'm hoping that's what happened.... I just finished the letter that will accompany the device on its return to BSA tomorrow. I will report back based on their reply.... My 1st choice was a full refund. 2nd choice is an entire new unit. My basis was that if it came apart after 5 shots from an AR in 223, is this thing really gonna handle a larger caliber heavier recoiling rifle, a shotgun, multiple shots?......my opinion, NO!
3spop, I know...the concept is great... Functionally the only issue I saw was the adjustments on the laser L/R, U/D, and size/intensity/distance of the laser were fairly course as well...IE - once your scope is zeroed for your rifle, you need to dial the laser in the the point of aim, and try to match the size of the field of view in the scope.... I think they have a big hit, but with a little more engineering to fine tune it...
Haven't heard from them.... maybe I will call this week.....
The Customer Service Dept. called me last week... So after 3 return phone calls, I got thru to a person without holding....they are going to send me a new unit....their technician said that the one I sent back was beyond repair.... So, I'll give it a 2nd chance..... BTW, LaserGenetics is a GAMO USA company......
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