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Last one to post in this thread wins!

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This is always fun to have floating around. So no one post here so I win! :cool:
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Bring your wood on over and you can use mine. :)
Only if we were closer.
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I read the troubleshooting guide in the instructions booklet of my Mosquito Sentry and got it working right for last night. Now I smell like garlic again.
Wondering if this rain will have the youth soccer games called off this morning?
Yep, we got dressed and ready to leave the house then daughter-in-law sent us a text. Back into our pj's and I'm looking for cartoons for the early Saturday morning.
Watching a movie on Utube Monday my modem stopped. Called ATT for tech support. Something is wrong with the house wiring by their test. Service guy will be here about noon Thursday. Granddaughter got my phone set up for a wifi hotspot now.
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Got my internet turned back on at 8:22 last night.
Granddaughter worked at the local haunted house Friday night. Stepped wrong and messed up her back again.
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Black Friday Home Depot had this fire pit for $50 so I bought one.
The screen cover and grill have never been used. The screen on the sides has burnt out and the thin metal is twisting.
Friday's auction the seller had what they called a ceramic fire pit. Said it retails for $275, I can't find it online. Bought 1 for $75. Loaded it into the truck and brought it home. Backed the truck to the gate and unwrapped it. The bottom is broke out.
I'll return it today for a refund.
My firewood comes from the wood working shop along with the sawdust/shavings, boards and timbers. 2 shops close by sit their pallets at the street then lock the gate, don't burn the painted ones. A neighbor will trim or cut down a tree and I collect all I can.
I went to Home Depot looking for J bolts in the hardware section. Looks like I'll have to buy turnbuckles to get them. Checked online later, they are called clothesline bolts.
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Installing boards with J bolts for Debbie's cast iron skillets.
My high school senior class had it's 51st reunion over the weekend. The pandemic didn't allow us to have the 50th last year. Debbie and I didn't go. One of the handouts was a Yeti cup painted in our school's colors with the mascot on it. I asked how to get one. One classmate that I just friended on face book gave a reply, reunion swag. I said thanks and unfriended him.
Wednesday night's zoom auction had Zep foaming cleaner. I bid $1.50, outbid with $2 then a late bid of $1.75. The $2 bidder took 2, I said 2 and the other person took the rest. Checking my email invoice Thursday I didn't get any, pissed me off some.
Not much savings, home depot has it for 3.28 per bottle or a twin pack for 4.94.
The skinny neighbor asked if I had seen the cat that has taken over her backyard as a home. She said the mom and sister cat came and sat a few feet from her earlier. Something they had never done before. Back in my house my 2 cats sat watching me. Something's wrong and they know about it, want answers? A bit later I head out to pick up dinner. The cat is laid out in the middle of the street. I return home for a trash bag so it doesn't get hit again.
I filled 4 small crates with 3 oz bank sinkers. I keep finding more lead around here. Need to build more crates.
My second oldest granddaughter was inducted into the Honor Society Tuesday night.
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