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Last one to post in this thread wins!

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This is always fun to have floating around. So no one post here so I win! :cool:
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Just FYI that is some twisted Granny [email protected]%t right there as Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old 😳🤔
You wanna do what to granny?
Emmm..trying to slip in a last minute steal…😆🤣
No……generally just concerned
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What the heck is a 1955 Chevy rod doing in a fordpkup post?!? o_O
Of course he used that…….we all know Ford’s can’t run!
What do you call a Ford truck with dual exhaust?

A wheelbarrow!
Y’all still playing “pandemic“??
The parts world is. Bunch of losers can’t supply parts,won’t make them or can’t because they can’t find people to work to with make or ship.
Got a 2018 Yukon on the lift with a schit engine that decided it needed to build carbon on a valve stem and collapse a lifter. GM has no parts for it! The freaking manufacture of the entire vehicle!
Wheel Car Tire Automotive tire Hood
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bumper Wood Grey
Liquid Water Fluid Gas Drop

Build all sorts of good stuff in the oil pan too!

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Wow that’s crazy.
68k on the clock! Wonder why I think pretty much all vehicles produced in the last few years are garbage.

50/60,000$ machine………can’t even make it 100k! Lol
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