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Last one to post in this thread wins!

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This is always fun to have floating around. So no one post here so I win! :cool:
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Cody or his wife started The Alphabet Game on the auction's facebook page. Starting with A enter a song title, keep the alphabet in order. Can't have more than 1 song title per letter. Can't double post. Restart with A everytime a rule is broken. The person that gets to Z wins $25 off their next bill. I got into the game at 11:30, there were 145 entries and the game had been restarted a lot of times. (Shows how fast facebook and our internets work together.) The game restarted 25 to 30 times until most gave up and left. Tammy, Logan's mom and I are the last to stay. She starts with A. I've already started a list on paper. I looked, I'll have X and Z unless another person joins us. Google search, song titles A to Z, Xanadu and Zimbo. I thanked Tammy for the game.
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Went for a doctor appointment with a new primary care physcian today. My first impression is I really like the guy and he is local. Born and raised in Louisiana about an hour or so from where I reside.
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We have a "Song Title" game thread on another gun forum I belong to.

It goes like this: Post a song title. The next poster takes one (or more) words out of the previously posted song title and posts a new song title.

Here's the example:

One person posts: Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

the next guy posts: Black Bird - The Beatles

next guy posts: Slick Black Cadillac - Quiet Riot

next guy posts: Daddy Never was the Cadillac Kind - Confederate Railroad

next guy posts: What Kind of Man would I Be - Chicago

next guy posts: Some Kind of Wonderful - Grand Funk Railroad

next guy posts: Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

next guy posts: There's Gonna be a Heart Ache Tonight - Eagles (or Conway Twitty)

etc. etc. etc.
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This morning I was in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee. Debbie enters after flushing the toilet. I hear water running. The clip on the flush handle broke and the chain is under the flopper. Dang, that water was cold. It has a paper clip for now.
I had an interesting interaction with a young man
He messaged me on the marketplace and wanted to buy a rifle sling for his PA PA. OK..I am good with that
We agree to meet at a gas station, he is on time and I am on time
The young man is with [I ASSUME} his older brother young man looks like 13 brother looks to be 17/18
Young man pulls a wallet out with a couple hundred showing and counts out the agreed amount . hands it to me.
Then i look him in the eye and tell him. Hey man. from now on hen you meet someone on the side of the road to buy something. count out your money before you arrive and do not pull out a fat wallet. you might get hit in the head.

I think maybe i taught him something.
anyway. this is the last post. I WIN
At Cody's dealer's auction Monday a dealer had a tiller. I looked it up online, $549. My bid got to $170, out bid at $180. Dealer said he needed $200, neither of us took it. Last night there was an electric lawnmower, gas lawnmower, gas pressure washer, an electric air compressor and the tiller, your choice of one. The bid got to $175. High bidder took the gas pressure washer, next bidder took the gas lawnmower. I got the tiller. Subtract the $25 off I won the other night makes it a great price.
I can pick up after 2 pm today. Carry it to my son's house and leave it in the garage until we need it.
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Good story, frodo...and lots of bidding going on above...and I'm winning again!
My sons and I got a tarp on the roof before the rain moves in Thursday morning. It would have been a fast and easy job if the wind wasn't blowing.
I've enjoyed this warmer weather, but I'm not looking forward to getting wet.
It only goes skin deep. You don't see cows with umbrellas, to protect that expensive leather coat, do you ? 🤣
One of Horn Lake's aldermen wants the "No parking on the street" enforced. My ward's alderman is against it.
I bought a new looking tiller at an auction, retail $549 for $150. Carried it to my son for him to use first. It cranked and ran fine. Pull the lever to engage the tines and nothing happens. Tore into the drive assembly on the side of the motor. The big belt wheel is plastic with a metal hub. The plastic around the hub is burnt out. Looking online I can find the part number but not the part. I've sent emails to all that list the part, waiting on replies.
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Good luck with the part. That's a heck of a deal.
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I got an email from one of the companies this morning. We have the part you need. $13.88 plus $5 shipping. Got one ordered, now wait.
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Seems like the weak link, should have ordered more than 1. 🤔
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You might be right there.
This tiller has a lever on both handles. One is for forward and the other reverse. My son thinks someone operated the tiller long enough with both levers compressed to cause the damage. When the tiller is rebuilt there won't be a reverse on it. Remove the lever and cable, save them for later.
Got a crew on my house from Desoto Roofing Co. Sounds like a bunch of carpenter bees scrapping the old off.
I know the feeling. I had a new roof put on after the last hurrcane last season.
All finished by 12:30, trailer picked up at 1:45. Waiting for the rep to come by for the money.
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@canebreaker You get that tiller running yet?
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