For Sale Lawnmower - After June 2

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  1. Evil Zim

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    Lawnmower for sale - Available after June 1. Bought about year and a half ago. Runs well. Bagger. 500DACBF-A928-4898-8651-9E898D8B8FE5.jpeg 01D465CD-A7DD-417A-965C-D9B97415F0D8.jpeg 3D557940-90EC-4712-B1D1-0A71A1B9C87E.jpeg New blade. $100
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  2. Cliff731

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    Evil Zim... I have a Husqvarna push mower that looks almost virtually identical... and it has a Kohler brand OHV engine on it. Yours might be the same excepting the cover on top of the engine, which looks a tad different than mine... :)

    These are well built and solid mowers... :101010::101010:
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  3. Evil Zim

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    It’s been a good mower... starts right up
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  4. J Bob

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    Is it the 21” 160cc?
  5. Evil Zim

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    It is a 21 inch, 163 cc Briggs & Stratton engine.
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