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    im having trouble with my barrel leading in my kimber custom II 9mm. My load data is 124 grain shooter’s choice coated bullets with 4 grains of bullseye. The gun functions great and the ammo is a pleasure to shoot but clean up is no joke. I’m hoping to shoot this ammo in my 986 but don’t want to go through another barrel being leaded up. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated
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    Several possibilities:

    Go to a lighter load if it will function the gun.

    Switch to a cooler burning powder; I went from Unique to 4756 years ago to cure the leading problem in my .357 Magnum after reading that 4756 was a cooler burning powder. I don't know where you find info on "cooler" burning powders (got my info out of a gun magazine back in the day), but its bound to be on the web somewhere!

    Go to a jacketed bullet or a cast bullet with a gas-check.

    Any one of these might help. Good luck and have fun experimenting!

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    First things first, now that you are showing signs of leading..

    Do you know how to slug your barrel ?
    Where does the leading start?
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    I know Blue Dot used to be popular for high velocity 9mm loads using a slow(er) burning powder. Not sure if slower burning corresponds to cooler burning in this instance though. I've liked Blue Dot and Win 231 for many handgun loads. Most likely 124/125 grain bullets might be about the top end in bullet weight for 9mm Blue Dot loads, due to case capacity and powder density, but I haven't looked in my references.
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    You need to check the bullet diameter with a micrometer to make sure they are at .356
    In my opinion your powder charge is fine as is the powder choice. It's what I use and usually run 3.5 to 4.2gn depending on projectile. Also mine run thru pistols and an Ar with 16" barrel.
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    Are you casting these bullets, sizing them?