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Short Magazine Lee Enfield MK III, (SMLE) in .303 British. This particular example was made in 1912 by BIrmingham Small Arms (BSA). It is equipped with the left side Volley Sights. The right side has the brass Stock disk, but I have no idea what it says or what language it is. So it’s obvious this rifle saw use outside of the British Commonwealth. Sent to the shop from out of state. Owner advised he recently purchased it at an estate sale, he also said the Barrel was “loose” and asked me to check it over. Completely disassembled and sonic cleaned. It was missing the Forend Stud & Spring and the original leather washer was gone, replaced by two scraps of rags. Customer was correct, the Barrel was hand tight. Talked with Brian Dick in South Carolina at BDL Gunsmithing in Edgefield S.C. (he’s forgotten more about Enfields than I’ll ever know) who told me exactly how to shim the Barrel. Sent the Stock to the Boys in the Woodshop to correctly repair (not re-finish) the Stock. Shimmed the Barrel with two .0035 shims, which gave me an initial crush at 17°, clamped in the Barrel Vise and screwed it back together, then reassembled. Firing Pin profusion should be between .040-.050, which it was, checked headspace. Only parts from inventory were the Forend Stud & Spring. Test fired like Winston Churchill was still First Lord of the Admiralty.
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