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Legal Calibers in Mississippi

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Is .223 legal to deer hunt with? I have read that .22 caliber was not allowed, but someone told me that .223 was allowed. The .22 caliber referred to the rimfires.
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223 in the head make for one sho nuff dead deer!

If'n it was a nice buck, and you didn't want the head shot, I would think that with proper shot placement (easy at <100 yds) if you avoided the shoulder on entry, I would say a little high in the spine, or from an angle that hit the heart, or a good neck shot.....that the modern 223 hunting ammo should expand and kill very efficiently.

Would I preferentially use 223 over a larger caliber for a trophy buck, NO. But would I hunt with my AR,(especially for a close "easy" shot), YES. And a 2nd followup shot is a piece of cake with the AR compared to a bolt gun.

Of course the AR is available now in larger calibers too.....

1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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