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Legal Calibers in Mississippi

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Is .223 legal to deer hunt with? I have read that .22 caliber was not allowed, but someone told me that .223 was allowed. The .22 caliber referred to the rimfires.
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I read in the handbook and i think it said 22 rimfire wasnt ethical.
Ill have to get it out tonight and see.

Ive killed a many of deer with a 22 tho. Just gotta know where to hit them.
Ive seen many a deer run off with a couple 7mag rounds in them, ive also seen many a deer take a dirt nap with a single .22lr..

Seen a head shot on a doe at 620yds with a .243. First shot he thought he missed, 2nd shot he knew he hit it.
Now that was interesting. sand bags on the hood of a truck and a spot light in a soybean field, gamewarden didnt believe the guy hit the deer till they rode down there and saw 2 dead does beside each other. :lol4:

So pretty much sums up the caliber debate.. shot placement is key.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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