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Legal Calibers in Mississippi

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Is .223 legal to deer hunt with? I have read that .22 caliber was not allowed, but someone told me that .223 was allowed. The .22 caliber referred to the rimfires.
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I believe there is a capacity restriction, and I believe it is 5 in the gun.
I don't think there is a law on capacity. Think about this a minute. A ruger 10/22 has a 10 round factory mag! As for the question of a .17, I work with a guy that regularly deer hunts with a .17. Head shots and dead deer. He has other guns btw, just likes doing it with a .17.
there is no restriction on caliber or magazine count.
Ive seen many a deer run off with a couple 7mag rounds in them, ive also seen many a deer take a dirt nap with a single .22lr..

Seen a head shot on a doe at 620yds with a .243. First shot he thought he missed, 2nd shot he knew he hit it.
Now that was interesting. sand bags on the hood of a truck and a spot light in a soybean field, gamewarden didnt believe the guy hit the deer till they rode down there and saw 2 dead does beside each other. :lol4:

So pretty much sums up the caliber debate.. shot placement is key.
right behind the ear inline with the mouth. you will not have to track. will drop in tracks (EVERY)time
Just talked to the game warden at Wolf River and he said you can use a .223 AR-15 and that there is no limit on clip capacity.
cerobin1 said:
only on private land I think
you can use what ever caliber you want to except on some WMA's that have restrictions to caliber size. and there is no capicity restrictions.
cerobin1 said:
only on private land I think
Not so, he said they were legal on the Wolf River management area.
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