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For Sale Leopold and misc gun parts

Discussion in 'Gun parts/accessories for sale/trade' started by Col Williamson, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Col Williamson

    Col Williamson Active Member

    I have a few items gathering dust I would like to get rid of.
    # m14 stock with metal liner $60
    #mini 14 stock without metal liner$50 and 2 mags for the mini 14 40 rounders $30 for both
    #leupold vx1 3x9x40 new in box with rings $ 180
    Prefer to meet in person . You can text me for a faster response at 6014087029. I'm located in the Hattiesburg area

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  2. vr1967

    vr1967 Rooinek Amerikaanse

    Wasn't lowrider looking for an M14 stock?
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  3. Col Williamson

    Col Williamson Active Member

    I've got one ready to go
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  4. Low Rider

    Low Rider Thank a veteran.

    Traded off my M1 today guys, thank you
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